Continuing Education... What’s in It for You?

Feb 1, 2006

Hot Topics, February 2006 - EARNING a degree? Why bother? Earning a degree takes time and money. Soldiers and veterans can save both with an official transcript from the Army/ American Council on Education Registry Transcript System, or AARTS.

AARTS transcripts translate military education and job experience into civilian language by listing college-equivalent credit recommendations that assist colleges and universities in credentialing Soldiers’ experience and knowledge. AARTS transcripts are free and available to qualifying Soldiers and veterans of the regular Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve. Qualifications are detailed online at

Requests are processed and mailed when they are received by the next work day to academic institutions, Soldiers, education counselors and employers around the world.

Soldiers and veterans may view and print their transcripts from our Web site at Online ordering of transcripts for over 750 colleges is available at The transcript request form is available online at Requests may be faxed to (913) 648-2011 or (DSN) 552-2011, or mailed to: AARTS Operations Center, 415 McPherson Ave., Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-1373.

E-mail requests for personal AARTS transcript copies are also accepted at For those not using the order form, the Web site provides necessary information needed to request a transcript.

After checking the AARTS Web site and reviewing their transcripts, Soldiers who have questions may call the AARTS Operations Center at (913) 684-3269, (DSN) 552-3269 or toll free (866) 297-4427.

Education is an American value. Education is an integral part of the Army culture. It sharpens Soldiers’ competitive edge and hones critical-thinking skills.

  • Lifelong learning is for everyone.
  • Education enhances quality of life and mission readiness.
  • Education programs and services are customer-driven.
  • Career professionals are vital to the Army mission.
  • Professional development is non-negotiable in today’s workforce.

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