Alabama G. I. Dependents' Scholarship Program

Jul 16, 2013

About: Five standard academic years or part-time equivalent at any Alabama state-supported institution of higher learning or a prescribed course of study at any Alabama state-supported technical school without payment of any tuition, required textbooks, or instructional fees. A spouse or un-remarried widow (er) of a Veteran who is rated 20 - 90% due to service-connected disabilities are only entitled to three standard academic years without payment of tuition, required textbooks and instructional fees or a prescribed technical course not to exceed 18 months of training. 

Eligibility: A dependent is defined as a child, stepchild, spouse, or the un-remarried widow (er) of the Veteran. The Veteran must have honorably served at least 90 or more days of continuous active federal military service or honorably discharged due to service-connected disability after serving less than 90 days. The Veteran must be rated 20% or more due to service-connected disabilities or have held the qualifying rating at the time of death, a former prisoner of war (POW), declared missing in action (MIA), died as the result of a service-connected disability, or died while on active military service in the line of duty. The Veteran must have been a permanent civilian resident of the State of Alabama for at least one year immediately prior to (a) the initial entry into active military service or (b) any subsequent period of military service in which a break (1 year or more) in service occurred and the Alabama civilian residency was established. Permanently service-connected Veterans rated at 100% who did not enter service from Alabama, may qualify after establishing at least five years of permanent residency in Alabama prior to filing of an application or immediately prior to death, if deceased. Child or stepchild must initiate training prior to their 26th birthday may be extended to 30. There is no age deadline for submission of the application by the spouse or un-remarried widow(er).

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