Free Tuition for Veterans in South Dakota

Jul 19, 2013

About: Certain Veterans are eligible to take undergraduate courses at a state supported university without payment of tuition provided they are not eligible for educational payments under the GI Bill or any other federal educational program.
Eligibility: Veteran must have been discharged under Honorable conditions, must be a current resident of South Dakota, must qualify for in-state tuition, and meet one of the following:
  • served on active duty between August 2,1990 and date to be determined, OR
  • received an Armed Forces Expeditionary medal, or other United States campaign, expeditionary, or service medal awarded for participation in combat operations against hostile forces outside the boundaries of the United States, OR
  • has a Service connected disability rated 10% or more, disabling.
  • Veterans have twenty (20) years from the ending date of the particular conflict during which they served and earned eligibility for this program, or six years following discharge, whichever, date is later, to use the free tuition program. Veterans who qualify because of a service connected disability have twenty (20) years from the date they were originally rated by the VA as 10%, or more, disabled.
Veterans may receive one month of free tuition for each month of 'qualifying service' with a minimum of one, up to a maximum of four academic years. Qualifying service is defined as: The amount of time served on active duty between the beginning and ending dates of the particular period of conflict or hostilities during which the Veteran earned eligibility for this program. (SDCL) 13-55-2 to 13-55-5
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