Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund (MSLF)

Jul 17, 2013

About: Was established to specifically help the children of Massachusetts Service members who have died while deployed on Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. The MSLF is designed to grant funds for current and future college/university students whose parent's "home of record" at the Department of Defense was Massachusetts and were killed on deployment during Operations Enduring or Iraqi Freedom. 
Eligibility: There is no selection process. If the student is a child of a Service member whose service is credited to Massachusetts and gave his/her life in Operation Enduring or Iraqi Freedom, that student qualifies for funds. Prior to each school year, the trustees will distribute equal grant shares to those students who qualify. The only requirement for recipients will be that they have filed applications establishing that they are qualified, and that they remain enrolled in the undergraduate or postgraduate program at the college or university.
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