Member of Nebraska-based unit of the Active Selected Reserves

Jul 18, 2013

About: Any Nebraska resident who is an enlisted member of a Nebraska-based unit of the Active Selected Reserve of the armed forces of the United States who meets the following requirements and who enrolls, on or after July 10, 1976, in any state-supported university or college, including any community college, shall be entitled to a credit of fifty percent of the tuition charges of such university or college. Such entitlement shall be continuous so long as the member maintains satisfactory service in the Active Selected Reserve and pursues his course of study in a manner that satisfies the normal requirements of the university or college. 
  1. be classified as enlisted personnel who have a minimum of two years remaining on their enlistment at the commencement of each term in their respective courses of study
  2. have agreed to serve a minimum of three years in the reserve
  3. not have completed his tenth year of total service in the armed forces of the United States, and
  4. pursue a course of study leading to a degree or the equivalent level of study in a community college, and his entitlement to such credit shall cease upon the attainment of such degree or completion of such course of study. Such entitlement shall not be granted to more than two hundred individuals in any calendar year.

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