Reduced Tuition for South Dakota National Guard members

Jul 19, 2013

About: National Guard members, who meet the requirements for admission, are eligible for a fifty percent (50%) reduction in undergraduate tuition charges at any state supported school for up to a maximum of four academic years OR, one program of study, approved by the state Board of Education, at any state vocational school upon payment of fifty percent (50%) of the tuition charges. The receipt of federal educational benefits does not affect eligibility for this program.
Eligibility: To qualify the National Guard member must be a resident of this state and a member of the South Dakota Army or Air Guard throughout each semester or vocational program for which he or she applies for benefits, have completed required active duty for training, attend 90% of drills and training periods and maintain a satisfactory academic grade level and provide proper notice to the institution at time of registration for the term in which benefits are sought. (SDCL) 33-6-5 to 33-6-8
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