The Hazlewood Legacy Act (Child)

Jul 17, 2013

First: read about The Hazlewood Act


About: Eligible Veterans may assign unused hours of exemption eligibility to a child under certain conditions.


To be eligible, the child must:

  • Be a Texas resident,
  • Be the biological child, stepchild, adopted child, or claimed as a dependent in the current or previous tax year,
  • Be 25 years or younger on the first day of the semester or term for which the exemption is claimed (unless granted an extension due to a qualifying illness or debilitating condition), and
  • Make satisfactory academic progress in a degree, certificate, or continuing education program as determined by the institution.
  • *If a child to whom hours have been delegated fails to use all of the assigned hours, a Veteran may re-assign the unused hours that are available to another dependent child. Only one child can use the Hazlewood Act at a time.

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