West Virginia National Guard Education Benefits

Jul 19, 2013

About: The West Virginia Educational Encouragement Program (WVEEP) provides up to 100% tuition assistance for certificate, associate, bachelor's and master's level courses and up to $6, 500 per year for Soldiers attending in-state institutions. For students who have full scholarship under the Promise Scholars Program, WVEEP will pay them the money that would have been paid to the school. 
The Army National Guard Federal Tuition Assistance Program will pay for Certificate, Associate, Bachelor's and Master's level up to $4,500 per year. The two programs may be used concurrently to cover up to $11,000 per year in tuition assistance. The State of West Virginia will pay up to 100% of in-resident tuition and fees at any state-supported college/university. Out-of-state students pay tuition at the in-state rates at state supported schools. 
Eligibility: Available only to National Guard Service members. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for continued participation in the program.
Learn More: http://www.wv.ngb.army.mil/education/benefits/default.aspx
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