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   When possible, we link to official sources of information.  There may be times that information has changed and we have not been made aware of the changes.  If you notice information which needs to be updated or removed, please let us know so we provide as accurate information as possible.

    MilitaryTA.com is not affiliated with the U.S. Military or U.S. Government and is a privately maintained resource to make finding Tuition Assistance information a little easier. 

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Submit information to MilitaryTA.com

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If you would like to submit information to be shared on MilitaryTA.com, please send us an email at the address listed below.  If you have a link to a source, please be sure to provide that link.


Please remember that the MilitaryTA.com site is not maintained by the U.S. Military or the U.S. Government and we do not have access to your official records.  If you have issues with your current tuition assistance, we urge you to contact someone in a position to locate and review your official records at an Education Office / College Office / Lifelong Learning Center near you.

Please do not send social security numbers or other sensitive personally identifiable information in emails to MilitaryTA.com. 

  • We cannot help you get Tuition Assistance.
  • We cannot assist you in helping someone get Tuition Assistance
  • We cannot access any records

The VA has a wealth of information and points of contact that can assist you with specific questions.

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