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Air Force Reserve Tuition Assistance Information

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Tuition assistance is available to participating Reserve and IMA students for both distance learning and on-campus courses. It will be offered each fiscal year (defined as Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) as long as funding is available. In addition, enrollments may be stopped when funds are depleted during a fiscal year, and then resumed when additional/new funding is made available. Although funding must be requested before the start of class, TA is paid on a reimbursable basis, after student successfully completes the course(s) for which TA was requested and approved. Successful course completion is defined as C or better. 
Students who request TA must meet the following eligibility criteria before application for TA reimbursement can be made: 
1. Students must be actively participating (for pay and points) and be in good standing (does not have a UIF, not placed on a control roster, not pending or issued an Article 15, and/or not pending court martial) from the time the Airman applies for and completes the course(s). 
2. Enlisted students retainability must extend beyond the course end date of the last course approved for TA, or the individual must extend or re-enlist.
3. Commissioned officers must have a mandatory separation date of not less than 48 months of service commitment starting at the end of the last course completed. In addition, officers incur a four-year Reserve Service Commitment (see AFRCI 36-2102). Each time an officer applies for TA, he or she must sign a Contract for Air Force Selected Reserve Service Commitment .
4. Students must provide a degree plan to ARPC/DPTTE before applying for tuition assistance the first time. They will no longer be eligible for
tuition assistance until the plan is on file with DPTTE. Note: All courses
submitted for TA approval must be on the degree plan.
5. Student must have a high school diploma or equivalent. To apply for tuition assistance, please go to the Air Force Portal at https://www.my.af.mil/faf/FAF/fafHome.jsp.  In the links on the left find Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC). This will take you to your education record. On the right is a menu entitled Self Service Options. Click on Apply for TA. You will request Reserve TA (not Military) and your servicing education center will be ARPC Denver (AFRC). 
Airmen will receive 100 percent for undergraduate or graduate study up to $4,500 per fiscal year. Department of Defense imposes additional limits of no more than $250 per semester hour or $166.66 per quarter hour. 
Tuition assistance is only available for courses leading to a degree at a level not already held by the Airman or higher. Example: Airmen who already posses a bachelor's can not apply for an associate's or second bachelor's (education levels must be progressive and not equivalent). EXCEPTION: Airmen pursuing an associate degree from Community College of the Air Force in their primary controlled Air Force Specialty Code are authorized tuition assistance regardless of any other degrees held.
TA shall be provided only for courses offered by post-secondary institutions accredited by a national or regional accrediting body recognized by the Department of Education. Certification or vocational courses are not funded. 
Student is responsible for paying all costs up-front to attending institution.
Point of Contact
Directorate of Personnel Services 
18420 E. Silver Creek Ave., Bldg, 390, MS68
Buckley AFB, CO 80011 
Total Force Service Center-Aurora
(800) 525-0102
Fax: Commercial: 478-327-2215 DSN 497-2215 
Printer Friendly Page    Jul 15, 2013   

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